Explore AI Learning Opportunities

Explore AI Learning Opportunities

Incorporate AI into your curriculum to help students gain a deeper understanding of the technology. There are many online resources available to teach about AI. Try exploring X (formerly Twitter) chats or following hashtags focused on emerging tech, or look into professional development events at educational technology and AI companies. Some of these edtech vendors have incorporated AI into their software that educators can use to automate clerical tasks and focus on providing students with

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AI For Everyone  used to teach a variety of skills, including data analysis and interpretation. A popular example of this is the use of chatbots that can answer questions about data visualizations, statistical models and other quantitative information. This is a good way to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of statistics and data analysis, which are essential for 21st century learners.

Other useful AI applications include generating academic timetables, creating revision materials and facilitating group discussions. However, it is important to note that using AI tools in this way can undermine the learning outcomes of students, if not done properly and in accordance with university policy.

AI can help educators by reducing the burden of administrative tasks, freeing up their time to support students in more meaningful ways. Some of these clerical tasks can include assigning grades, tracking student attendance and organizing study materials. AI can also provide insights on student learning and performance to inform teaching practices. It can also help educators identify patterns in student behavior and make recommendations for future growth.

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