National Poetry Competition

The National Poetry Competition is one of the world’s most prestigious competitions for poets. It’s organized by the UK-based Poetry Society. This contest is open to writers of all nationalities, and its prize money has proven to be an important milestone in the careers of many famous poets.

Besides the national prize, the Poetry Society also awards PS5,000 to a second-place winner, PS1,000 to a third-place winner, and PS100 to commendations. The top three winning poems will be published in the magazine Poetry Review. A poet who wins a prize may also be asked to make final changes to his or her manuscript before it’s published.

Since its inception, the National Poetry Competition has brought in more than 10,000 entries each year. Among the finalists are established poets and emerging voices. For a chance to win, enter an original poem with up to 40 lines. If you are selected, you can expect a cash prize and publication in an anthology, which you can view on the Poetry Society’s website.

To be eligible for the National Poetry Competition, you must be aged 17 or older and write in English. Unlike other poetry competitions, there is no limit on the number of entries you can submit. In fact, you can enter as many poems as you want, as long as they are all your own. However, your poem must be at least a year old and not have been published.

To be eligible for the National Poetry Prize, your poem must be at least 40 lines in length and be your own work. You can enter your poem online, or you can send in a physical submission. There is a fee of PS5 for each poem you enter. Entries must be submitted by October 31. If you win, you will receive a cash prize and 25 broadsides of your winning poem. Moreover, the winning poem will be published on the University of Georgia’s English department website.

You can also enter the competition via Airlie Press. This contest is sponsored by the press and comes with a $1,000 prize and a book of your winning poem published by the press. As with other prizes, you must have an original unpublished poem to enter.

Founded in 1909, the Poetry Society has a mission to promote poetry appreciation and appreciation of other forms of art. They publish the leading poetry journal, The Poetry Review. They also sponsor events such as the National Poetry Competition.

The organization also hosts the annual Jazz in the Gardens initiative, which invites spoken word artists to perform and engage in meaningful conversations. Additionally, they offer an annual poetry contest in the spring. These events are open to all adults.

Finally, the National Poetry Competition has a few other great features, including discounts on activities and activities. It is possible to receive a discount if you enter at least 150 entries, or if you enter more than one poem. Also, if you win a prize, you can expect to be invited to read your poem at the Ledbury Poetry Festival in July.

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