Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

Whether you want to try magic mushrooms for the first time or are an experienced psychonaut, there are many discrete options available to you. One option is to purchase psilocybin mushroom powder and add it to your favorite drink, food, or other products. Powdered mushrooms can be quite potent, so it is important to start with a small dose and work your way up.

Another option is to purchase psilocybin mushrooms in the form of tinctures. These tinctures are easy to use and provide a quick and convenient method for experiencing the effects of magic mushrooms. These tinctures can be found at select vendors, such as Lifted DC, and come in a variety of potencies. More info

You can also purchase psilocybin mushrooms as “truffles.” These are the sclerotia of the mushroom, and they contain high levels of psilocybin. They are not the same thing as whole mushrooms, and they can be purchased legally in many countries.

When you’re ready to experience the magical world of psychedelics, it’s important to have the right guide by your side. Psilouette’s team of expert guides can help you safely navigate the psychedelic realm. They offer 1-on-1 and group sessions, as well as ongoing mushroom-assisted therapy clinical trials.

Understanding Different Strains of Magic Mushrooms Available Online

Magic mushrooms can be difficult to find in the United States. Finding them online, in person, or foraging them yourself carries the risk of consuming poisonous mushrooms or taking too large a dose, which can cause hallucinations and a distorted sense of time and space. Getting mushrooms through a dispensary or other legal channels is the best option for safe and reliable transactions.

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