online breathwork classes are a convenient and accessible option for many people seeking to improve their mental and physical health. They provide an opportunity to increase oxygenation, reduce tension and discomfort, release deep-seated emotional patterns and beliefs, and create a sense of inner peace, clarity, and purpose.

However, it’s important for potential participants to be aware of the risks associated with this practice. If the class is not taught appropriately by a qualified breathwork instructor, it can cause severe health problems. So, before you choose an online breathwork class, consider these tips from a somatic healing practitioner:

Consider the instructor’s credentials, beliefs, and philosophies. The length of a training program should also be taken into account, as some programs can take up to a year or more to complete.

Online Breathwork Classes: Learn from Home

Look for a course that includes a mix of pre-recorded lectures and live sessions, as this will give you a well-rounded experience. Look for a curriculum that provides depth in the scientific learning of breathwork, alongside practical coaching demonstrations.

Choosing the right breathwork training for you is a personal journey of transformation and discovery. You’ll develop meaningful connections with fellow students that can continue long after you’ve completed the program.

Our Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training equips you with everything you need to host life changing breathwork sessions for your clients online and offline. Our comprehensive training is trauma-aware and taught by certified breathwork practitioners.

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