If you’re comment fonctionne une agence d’intérim to land temporary employment, or if your business is in need of help for a particular project but doesn’t have the capacity to hire full-time workers, staffing agencies can be an excellent resource. These companies connect employers with workers on a temporary basis, and their engagement could last anywhere from a day to a few months. Temp agencies handle all employment logistics, including payroll, taxes, and worker’s compensation insurance.

Employers approach the agency with their hiring needs, and they typically outline specific skill sets, a timeline, and compensation requirements. Then, the agency searches its pool of workers to find candidates who meet those criteria. Staffing agencies often use prescreening methods like resume filters, preliminary interviews, and behavioral assessments to make the process quick and efficient for employers.

The Mechanics of Temp Agencies: How They Work for Job Seekers and Employers

The client company contracts with the agency to cover the hiring needs it outlines, and the agency assigns an employee to work at the company for a specified amount of time. The employee technically works for the agency, and they are paid a marked-up hourly rate that covers payroll tax expenses, worker’s compensation insurance, and other administrative costs.

Temp positions can offer a variety of benefits for workers, including the opportunity to try out different industries and jobs. They can also provide a bridge to permanent employment, and many temp-to-hire roles are specifically designed with that in mind. If you want to be considered for a permanent position, you need to impress your supervisor at the temp agency and show that you’re committed to the role.

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