The best commercial blenders offer powerful motors that can handle the high-volume demands of busy kitchens. They’re designed to be easy to use, durable and able to deliver consistent results. They’re usually suitable for a wide range of blending tasks, including smoothies and cocktails. Many also come with features such as preset programs and adjustable speed controls. Some even have a timer function, which can be particularly useful for repetitive jobs such as blending ice or a thicker beverage like a frozen margarita. More

Top Picks for the Best Commercial Blenders in 2024

Some of the models we tested were labeled as ‘high-performance,’ while others earned the title of ‘professional’ for their superior performance and advanced features. These include models that can crush nuts and other tough ingredients, as well as make hot soups or ice cream. They may have extra-large jars and powerful blades, and they often boast more intuitive controls than other models we tested. Some of them also have built-in tampers to help you process chunky recipes or thick mixtures, and they’re available in a wide array of colors.

Other factors that we considered when assessing a blender’s quality included its ease of use and cleaning, as well as the quality of its materials. We liked jars that click into place and a locking lid that snaps into place when aligned with the arrows on the base, and we appreciated features such as a clear window on the jar so you can see what’s inside. We also liked a tamper that has arms that rotate as you blend to prevent the recipe from sticking to the sides of the jar and making a mess.

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