MUGA line marking

Schools, sports clubs and MUGA line marking centres are increasingly choosing multi use games areas to offer a range of different sports on one surface. This is because they enable children to engage in creative and cooperative activities and challenge themselves physically. This helps them to develop socially, emotionally and mentally. A MUGA is a great option to consider for your school as it will provide children with the facilities to play a variety of different sports at break times and before, during and after PE lessons.

MUGA Line Marking: Precision and Versatility for Multi-Use Sports Courts

MUGA line marking is the process of painting a multi use games area with various lines to help distinguish different sports. This can be done in a range of colours depending on the sports and anti slip coatings are often applied to improve the playing and safety qualities of the surfacing. MUGA lines can be painted on both macadam and polymeric surfaces and coloured line markings are often used to support the primary sports of tennis, basketball and netball.

The MiniMUGA database was created by using data from multiple biological and technical replicates of each inbred strain to smooth genotyping results, identify problematic markers, and provide a set of reference genotype calls for comparison. We also included a number of controls to allow for evaluation of the quality of the results.

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