Chionuma Law Firm – Kansas City

Chionuma law firm Kansas city is an attorney-led practice that helps clients from the area pursue compensation for losses related to medical malpractice. Its professionals are trained to listen to clients’ stories and consult with medical experts. They also assess their cases and explain the options available to them. The firm handles a variety of personal injury claims, such as motor vehicle accidents and workplace injuries.

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R. Brent Hankins P.C. provides legal assistance to individuals from the Kansas City area. Its lawyers handle various types of injury claims, including medical malpractice lawsuits. They assist victims in filing professional negligence claims against doctors, dentists, optometrists, and nurses. They also help clients file lawsuits against insurance companies to recover fair compensation for their legal damages.

The Nail Law Firm helps people who are victims of medical malpractice in Kansas City and its surrounding areas. Its attorneys investigate medical records to identify negligence behaviors, such as procedural and surgical errors, medication mistakes, and nursing home abuse. They also file wrongful death claims against physicians who commit negligent actions that result in the patient’s death.

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The Consequences of DUI for Nurses

consequences of DUI for nurses can be serious

Being charged with a DUI can be life-changing for anyone, but it is especially serious for nurses who face not only legal consequences such as fines, jail time, license suspension or revocation, court costs and mandatory alcohol education or treatment programs. Additionally, a conviction could negatively affect a nurse’s professional reputation and may even impact personal relationships and social standing.Read more : read here for more info

From RN to Probation: Navigating the Consequences of a DUI for Nurses

In addition to the standard legal penalties, a nurse who is convicted of a DUI may also face discipline from their state nursing board. This is because a DUI can be viewed as a violation of the code of conduct for nurses, depending on the circumstances, whether there was any injury or damage and prior record. Nursing boards are concerned about the safety of their patients, so they will take any misconduct seriously. They may evaluate the circumstances, the nurse’s past record, a statement from the nurse and any other related factors to determine whether the nurse poses a risk to public safety and should continue working in the nursing profession.

The loss of a driver’s license can also impact the ability to get to work, which will cause further concern from employers and the nursing board. It is important to check your employment contract to see if you are required to report an arrest or conviction. If your employer finds out about your DUI, they may choose to discipline, suspend or terminate you. In addition, some medical facilities are regulated by the state and cannot hire nurses who have DUIs on their record.