Whether you live in Bray, solar panels Wicklow, or the surrounding area, there are plenty of solar panel companies that can help you save energy and money. They offer a range of renewable energy systems to suit your needs, and some even include battery storage or the ability to sell excess power back into the grid. With rising electricity prices and a 0% VAT rate on solar for domestic properties, there’s never been a better time to go green with your home.

Despite being a relatively new technology, solar panels have been making huge strides in recent years. They have become cheaper and easier to install, as well as being more accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland has made grants available to encourage businesses to invest in solar energy, reducing their dependency on the national grid.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun: A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Panels in Wicklow

The country’s first grid-scale solar farm has been launched in Co Wicklow. The 25-hectare Millvale site will produce up to eight megawatts using 33,600 solar modules. It will be connected to the grid in early 2018. The development, which has been funded by the government through its Renewable Electricity Support Scheme, is being built by renewable energy company Neoen.

The payback period for solar PV has also shortened significantly in recent years. It is expected that savvy Wicklow homeowners will recoup the cost of a solar system in a matter of years, especially now that electricity prices have doubled and the VAT reduction has taken effect.

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