While it is important to have a healthy amount of engagement on your Instagram posts, spam comments are not beneficial. In fact, they can make your account look unprofessional and hacky and can discourage real followers from commenting on your posts. Spam can also lead to scams where users may be tricked into giving out their personal information such as financial credentials or address to fraudulent accounts that can then be used for illegal activities.

How do you delete spam on Instagram?

Moreover, should i delete spam comments on instagram. They can also be a direct violation of Instagram’s community guidelines and terms of service. In such cases, deleting these comments is essential to maintain your reputation and demonstrate that you prioritize the quality of the user experience on your Instagram profile and posts.

In addition, removing spammy comments can also improve the overall user experience on your Instagram account and posts by eliminating unwanted noise and ensuring that your content is relevant to your audience. To avoid spammy comments, you can use the hidden comment feature or block any accounts that frequently leave inappropriate or unconstructive messages on your Instagram posts.

To delete a comment on Instagram, tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the post and select “Delete Comment”. You can also click on the trash can icon that appears to delete a single comment from the Comments summary page. To block an account, visit the ‘Block Accounts’ section of your Instagram settings and select ‘Add Account’ to create a list of usernames or email addresses that you want to prevent from commenting on your posts.

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