An mildura electrician is a must for any home renovation or remodel. They are responsible for wiring rooms, including bathrooms and kitchens, with powerpoints and lighting. A licensed electrician can also install a new circuit board and upgrade existing switches and power points to make your home safer and more energy efficient. They are also able to help with the installation of solar power systems.

Are electricians in demand in Victoria?

Lighting Installation

Electricians can install ceiling and outdoor lights for your property, whether it be LED, halogen, track or fluorescent, they are the professionals to call. They can even add security lighting to your property with sensors and day/night controls. They can also add dimmers and time clocks to existing lighting.

Domestic Electrical Repairs

The most common call out for an electrician is to assist with electrical repairs. This can include tripped breakers, flickering lights and damaged sockets. They can also install safety switches and RCD’s to prevent any damage to appliances and equipment in the future.

For new builds and major renovations an electrician will be required to rough in all the lines and then connect them to the service wiring. This process can take up to 10 days and requires them to be on site every day. When hiring an electrician you should always ask to see their license and ensure it is current. They should also carry the relevant insurances like Worker’s Compensation and General Liability. You can also check their accreditation with various industry bodies to verify their professionalism.

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